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assume control/responsibility etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassume control/responsibility etcassume control/responsibility etcformal to start to have control, responsibility etc or to start in a particular position or job Whoever they appoint will assume responsibility for all financial matters. He assumed power in a bloody coup in 1990. Jim Paton will assume the role of managing director. assume
Examples from the Corpus
assume the role ofIn effect the exporter assumes the role of a buyer and has to market the counter-purchased goods.Better therefore to try to anticipate such a calamity by assuming the role of an active and vigilant peace-maker.The little birds had assumed the roles of birds that were absent from the area.Unlucky-looking people made them uneasy and even tempted some to assume the role of misfortune.Dunaway next year will assume the role of movie producer.The company said the executive committee of its board will assume the roles of president and chief executive.Sculley assumed the role of scoutmaster.The book assumes the role of the most patient instructor.
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