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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishasthmaticasth‧mat‧ic /æsˈmætɪk $ æz-/ noun [countable]  someone who suffers from asthmaasthmatic adjective My son’s asthmatic. an asthmatic attack
Examples from the Corpus
asthmaticJulia Tatnell is an acute asthmatic, as are both her young children.People with cardiac and respiratory weaknesses, children, asthmatics and those suffering with bronchitis are particularly susceptible.Kingsley laughed, dry asthmatic squeezes of air.The dust mite, which thrives in warm, moist air, is the greatest source of allergens for asthmatics.She is asthmatic, and said she is greatly troubled by episodes of congestion and coughing.Oesophagitis was present in 57.7% of asthmatics with a hiatal hernia compared with only 16.3% of those without hiatal hernia.Indeed, when compared with asthmatics without oesophagitis, asthmatics with oesophagitis had a sevenfold increase in the frequency of hiatal hernia.asthmatic attackShe was 13 weeks pregnant, and her asthmatic attack was attributed to her pregnancy.Prematurity was not associated with reported asthmatic attacks.
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