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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishastoundedas‧tound‧ed /əˈstaʊndɪd/ adjective  very surprised or shocked syn astonishedastounded by/at She was astounded by his arrogance.see thesaurus at surprised
Examples from the Corpus
astoundedWhen the assistant worked out the overall cost I was astounded.The whole audience was astounded and it didn't go down very well.I was astounded at the depth of understanding the children showed.Staff at Cornell College were astounded by the generosity of the unexpected bequest.Again he caught a glimpse of Mrs McIver's astounded expression, this time from the safety of her first floor window.Petion looked astounded in a repulsed sort of way.astounded by/atHis teacher at the private school was astounded by his quick mind.Bill was astounded at how many there were.All of us would be astounded by open rejections that stated: No Blacks.Her friend, Jean, was still astounded by the black legs of lamb.The humans were astounded by the grace and majesty of Elf civilisation and well-pleased with the commerce that went on there.Merola closed his eyes and listened, astounded by the stadium's amazing acoustics.She was astounded by the understanding in his tone.Dooley was so astounded at this extraordinary thought, he was unable to speak.
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