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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishastoundingas‧tound‧ing /əˈstaʊndɪŋ/ adjective  SURPRISEDso surprising that it is almost impossible to believe syn astonishing The concert was an astounding success.see thesaurus at surprisingastoundingly adverb astoundingly beautiful scenery
Examples from the Corpus
astoundingWebster's try midway through the first half was well-taken coming on the end of an astounding burst by prop Huw Williams-Jones.Their madness gives them superhuman strength and resilience, and they fight with astounding fury and determination.But Christopher was playing happily in hospital last night after making an astounding recovery.One of them constructed the astounding rock-hewn churches at Lalibela.But if you swim only during the day, you will hardly ever see the organisms that have created this astounding scene.The boy threw out his arm at astounding speed and touched her face.Quincy has had astounding success as a painter.The snow-capped summit, 2,642 metres high, offers astounding views.
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