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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishastridea‧stride /əˈstraɪd/ adverb, preposition  1 ON/ON TOP OFwith one leg on each side of something a photograph of my mother sitting astride a horse2 on both sides of a river, road etc The ancient town of Bridgwater, astride the River Parrett, is an ideal touring centre.
Examples from the Corpus
astrideAn old portrait shows her sitting astride a horse.sitting astrideHe bellowed with pain and rage, and sitting astride, continued punching her savagely in the face until she lay still.The marquis pinned her to the ground by her shoulders, sitting astride her so that she couldn't move.And when the great beast stopped to answer a call of nature, I felt as if I was sitting astride Mount Pinatubo.He was still sitting astride the bike, balancing it with his long, lean legs tautly encased in black leather.
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