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asymptomatica‧symp‧to‧mat‧ic /æˌsɪmptəˈmætɪk, eɪ- $ eɪ-/ adjective medical  MIif someone or the illness that they have is asymptomatic, the illness has no physical signs
Examples from the Corpus
asymptomaticExcept for myalgia, which quickly resolved with appropriate thyroid replacement, she was entirely asymptomatic.He's delighted to find my spirits high, my blood pressure low and that apart from the lumps, I remain asymptomatic.Only two of the patients with residual cystic duct stones were advised to undergo cholecystectomy and the remainder are asymptomatic.All patients were initially asymptomatic and remained so during follow-up.Perhaps I have an asymptomatic case and transmitted the virus to him.We do not know whether angioplasty has an impact on the asymptomatic high-grade stenosis in the infarct territory.In the asymptomatic patient, there is no urgency to begin treatment.This includes activities undertaken by individuals to prevent disease or to detect it in an asymptomatic state.
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