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at a glance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat a glanceat a glancea) if you know something at a glance, you know it as soon as you see it He saw at a glance what had happened. b) in a short form that is easy to read and understand Here are our top ten ski resorts at a glance. glance
Examples from the Corpus
at a glanceThe structure of your project needs to be visible, almost at a glance.That Holy Trinity is different from most Catholic parishes is evident at a glance.Garden rooms A small garden that can be taken in at a glance can soon become boring.Sports reporters are reputed to gauge crowds well; who measures populations at a glance?I saw at a glance that the place was full of police.Here are the weekend football scores at a glance.You can see at a glance the few places other readers lingered Over.I could see at a glance that the situation was serious.Ellingham Diagrams Ellingham diagrams show at a glance which oxide will be reduced.An expert can tell at a glance whether it's a real diamond or a fake.The whole of the mystery - there at a glance.The facilities table on page 10 will show you at a glance which Clubs offer a Club 16.
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