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at a later/future date

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat a later/future dateat a later/future dateformalFUTURE at some time in the future syn later The details will be agreed at a later date. date
Examples from the Corpus
at a later/future dateThe total would be capped at a later date.This is particularly helpful if your school's organisation seeks to register as a charity at a later date.This means that the sea in which the Bright Angel was deposited flooded the land in the east at a later date.Or how about a vital organ being removed and the opt-out card being found at a later date?Peter Novick dismisses the Freudian theory of repression of trauma leading to problems at a later date.Secondary sources, in contrast, are interpretations of the past produced at a later date.Some firms are very flexible on this issue and where possible, allow them to relocate at a later date.They feared further repercussions at a later date because their participation in the boycott would almost certainly go into their files.
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