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at a/one stroke

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat a/one strokeat a/one strokewith a single sudden action At one stroke, the country lost two outstanding leaders. stroke
Examples from the Corpus
at a/one strokeGardening in tomorrow's world Future pest control at a stroke?People pretty much looked at a stroke as a permanent condition: Once you had it, it was there.His reputation would be lost at a stroke.No one could therefore call for the closure of incineration plants at a stroke, because noxious chemicals have to go somewhere.Brian saw a chance of solving all his problems at one stroke.But as the 1980s began it seemed as if all the uncertainty had been resolved at a stroke.The lek paradox is thus solved at a stroke.Then, at a stroke, something happened that gave him a powerful sense of purpose.Routes may be closed, reducing accessibility, or subsidies may be removed, increasing fares for users at a stroke.
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