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at a pinch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat a pinchat a pinchBritish English, in a pinch American EnglishNEED used to say that you could do something if necessary in a difficult or urgent situation There’s space for three people. Four at a pinch. If you’re in a pinch, I’m sure they’d look after Jenny for a while. pinch
Examples from the Corpus
at a pinchBut this novel has not just one but two barmen who could also at a pinch be hailed as lords of language.Her appointments for the following week could, at a pinch, be postponed.You could, at a pinch, also serve either with the Pizzettas.Interior is snug but seats four at a pinch.Or at a pinch he might be able to squeeze himself into the desk drawer and hide.There is a large bench seat in the rear which will accommodate two adults or three smaller people at a pinch.Our flat was a little box that would have probably accommodated Michael's sports shoes at a pinch.Ponyets could have handled them at a pinch.
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