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at a/the minimum

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat a/the minimumat a/the minimumused to say that if nothing else is done, this one thing should be done At a minimum, we must recruit two new teachers. minimum
Examples from the Corpus
at a/the minimumThe agent also has a vested interest in keeping the event's costs at a minimum.When E is at a minimum, the output is the settings of the other visible switches.Managers and supervisors will no longer make hiring decisions or, at a minimum, will share such decision-making responsibilities.It should press, at a minimum, for a fair referendum in each.Only. 8 percent of all workers over forty work full-time at the minimum wage.There were other ways to advertise that could keep the warnings at a minimum, and the sales of cigarettes zooming.Communication between them was at a minimum.Formal guidelines covering team objectives and operational policies were at a minimum in 1982.
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