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at all

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat allat allused in negative statements and questions to emphasize what you are saying They’ve done nothing at all to try and put the problem right. He’s not looking at all well. ‘Do you mind if I stay a little longer?’ ‘No, not at all.’ Has the situation improved at all? all
Examples from the Corpus
at allGabby found herself wondering how Jane put up with them at all.The game evolved into the kind of event that you feared would either feature the headliner little, or not at all.To the hunter, temporal or spatial measurements mattered very little, if at all.In 1956, the contrast from conduct at all previous conventions was startling.Keep one eye on them at all times to avoid problems.Access at all times with own key.My job as duty officer involves keeping Teesside Airport running smoothly at all times.The good cross country horse must think forwards at all times.
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