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at an angle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat an angleat an angleVERTICALleaning to one side and not straight or upright The portrait was hanging at an angle.at a slight/steep angle The sign leaned over at a slight angle. angle
Examples from the Corpus
at a slight/steep angleHe had a beard and his forehead sloped back at a steep angle.Both chairs are placed securely, with the free chair at a slight angle to where the patient is sitting.She went about with her head at a slight angle and her eyes permanently narrowed, to avoid the smoke.In two species examined the crystals lie parallel to the surface and in another two they lie at a steep angle.His wig was now at a slight angle.Christabel's tombstone leaned over at a slight angle.In distinctive display flight flaps upwards at a steep angle and then glides down with wings scarcely upraised.
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