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(at) any moment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(at) any moment(at) any momentSOONextremely soon The plumber should be here any moment now. The roof could collapse at any moment. moment
Examples from the Corpus
(at) any momentThey went about their business, expecting him to appear at any moment.Daylight began to fail early, but still we pressed on, knowing that Donald could make an appearance at any moment.Her eyes could fly open at any moment, he thinks, and look objectively at him.The army taught us to fly the machine as if the engine would quit at any moment.On the first occasion Bunny was tactful, assuring him she would be sent home in a taxi at any moment.It was all the harder because I could have given up at any moment.At any moment the current spot exchange rate is the anticipated spot exchange rate discounted to the present.If, for any moment, it overwhelms him that he stands just off-center of it all.
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