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at any price

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat any priceat any priceDETERMINEDwhatever the cost and difficulties may be She was determined to have a child at any price. price
Examples from the Corpus
at any pricePeace everywhere, for ever, and at any price.He did not want blood, at any price.From the point of view of other firms, Salomon mortgage traders were cheap at any price.They can not however expect the Swan Hunter work force to accept the imposition of such working conditions at any price.Corporate security is not 100 percent effective, at any price.Ursula wanted her daughter free at any price and did not mind what risks Maurice had to run to bring that about.We all want peace at any price.This really is vintage material and would be worth the strongest recommendation at any price.To the targets of those terrible promises, there could have been no course but resistance at any price.
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