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at any rate

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat any rateat any ratespoken a) used when you are stating one definite fact in a situation that is uncertain or unsatisfactory syn anyway They’ve had technical problems – at any rate that’s what they told me. b) used to introduce a statement that is more important than what was said before syn anyway Well, at any rate, the next meeting will be on Wednesday. rate
Examples from the Corpus
at any rateUnder his influence courage was quickened and fear banished, at any rate for the moment.Out of the house at any rate.Reminder bells went off, at any rate, and I wondered what the story was.The fresh cheese with cream was all we, or at any rate I, wanted.Or at any rate, he is with one of the research teams working on the man project.It is assumed that de Reszke was dissatisfied with test-pressings; at any rate, neither was issued.They were fairly certain he was immune; certain enough to consider it worth the risk, at any rate.That's what they said, at any rate.So, at any rate, was it.Well, at any rate, the next meeting will be on Wednesday.
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