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(at) any second (now)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(at) any second (now)(at) any second (now)used to say that something will or may happen extremely soon He should be here any second. second
Examples from the Corpus
(at) any second (now)He had been ready to go at any second.The barriers are so low you feel you could plunge off at any second.The room was unnaturally still about her, but the stillness might shatter at any second.The casualties of the greatest battle in history would be as nothing, before the carnage that might start at any second.They were both breathing fast, and Polly's legs threatened to give way at any second.At any second, they would begin to breathe.As in any second language situation, the grammatical code which is relied on is the one which is already known.We would be at the hot spot any second now.
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