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at ease

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat easeat easeRELAXEDfeeling relaxed, especially in a situation in which people might feel a little nervousat ease with She felt completely at ease with Bernard.put/set somebody at (their) ease (=make someone feel relaxed) She had an ability to put people at their ease. ease
Examples from the Corpus
at easeAnd they looked happy and at ease as they moved inside to the enormous champagne reception Mel had arranged.Ashkenazy at ease in land of his birth.He was equally at ease on the telephone.Fred Bradley stayed very much in the background and his soft, kind eyes helped to put her at ease.Blanche enjoyed social drinking with her officers but Dexter sometimes noticed she was ill at ease.Our workmen do work hard, but we live at ease.But Cose put my mind at ease in his introduction.I was never perfectly at ease.
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