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at every turn

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat every turnat every turnALL THE TIMEhappening again and again, especially in an annoying way problems that presented themselves at every turn turn
Examples from the Corpus
at every turnEveryone wants to define this free spirit of music, and at every turn the 26-year-old DiFranco rebuffs.There Amelia was, an intensely ambitious woman without any professional training, blocked at every turn.The latter we were born into, but at every turn we exile ourselves from our own Eden.He relentlessly shadowed Michael from the start, harrying the Ferrari at every turn.Emboldened by their mandate from the voters, the parties challenged de Gaulle at every turn.She had to be particularly vigilant when it came to the large amounts of water threatening them at every turn.Above: the craggy coastline offers new treasures at every turn.Government officials demanded bribes from us at every turn.
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