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at/from an early age

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat/from an early ageat/from an early agewhen you are very young, or starting when you were very young She’s played tennis from a very early age. early
Examples from the Corpus
at/from an early ageBut what about alteration of brain chemistry at an early age?Did you start painting at an early age?I worry about cholesterol, because my father died of a heart attack at an early age.Robin adds that as a boy he saw both the Graf Zeppelin and R-101, obviously an enthusiast from an early age.Spong does not advocate marriage at an early age.Both Maddy and Patrick were professionally successful at an early age, secure, and surrounded by helpful family.Women learn at an early age that most men do not like angry women living in the same house.If you get to know about these things at an early age you lose your shame and shyness.
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