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at (long) last

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat (long) lastat (long) lastEVENTUALLYif something happens at last, it happens after you have been hoping, waiting, or working for it a long time At last it was time to leave. We reached the summit at last. last
Examples from the Corpus
at (long) lastAt last, we were able to afford a house.And I, at last, had some one to talk to.Lendl's 7-6 6-2 defeat by Omar Camporese follows his opening match loss at last week's Madrid Open.Now, at last, they are coming home.But his work lives on, and after decades of neglect he is rediscovered, celebrated anew and recognized at last.And then, at last, I crossed a high mountain pass to discover smoke drifting across my route.Well, at last I got my chance.
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