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at one time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat one timeat one timeat a time in the past but not now At one time she wanted to be a nurse, but the thought of working at night put her off. time
Examples from the Corpus
at one timeAt one time forests covered about 20% of Lebanon.Up to 24 packages can be accessed at one time.See, I can lock the doors all at one time.The city at one time had talked to Edwards Theaters about building a multiplex theater there, but those talks faltered.You feel like you are going in twelve different directions at one time.This word processor allows you to work with two documents at one time.The somewhat better-known Sigmund Freud at one time worked with Janet.We cured all our bloaters and our kippers, at one time.There aren't many places around here where you can cater for fifty or so people at one time.Although you can see only 80 characters on the screen at one time.It has been established that at one time or another during her life she had been wounded by all three arrows.The curriculum, which at one time had seemed novel, barely changed from decade to decade.
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