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at regular intervals

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat regular intervalsat regular intervalsa) REGULARsomething that happens at regular intervals happens often The phone rang at regular intervals all afternoon. b) REGULARobjects that are placed at regular intervals have all been placed at the same distance from each other Trees had been planted at regular intervals. interval
Examples from the Corpus
at regular intervalsIf using a cone, spray again at regular intervals.Better to feed small amounts at regular intervals.The fog-horn, its sound now muffled by the houses, continued to bleat at regular intervals.Now for the decorations ... Push the gold candles into the icing at regular intervals.They would have to field candidates for a variety of offices at regular intervals or risk being closed.He may be required to report to a particular individual or place at regular intervals as part of a monitoring process.Small trees can be planted at regular intervals along a path to create an avenue.By practicing at regular intervals, the insight and calm of meditation are maintained and amplified.Feed your puppy at the same regular intervals each day.He made long sweeps at regular intervals in and around the Teeth, but there was nothing.These women were given blood tests at regular intervals for a year.There are stations where runners can get water at regular intervals throughout the marathon.
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