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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat-riskˌat-ˈrisk adjective   at-risk children/patients/groups etc
Examples from the Corpus
at-riskFor their part, Oxfordshire say they do still vaccinate at-risk babies, which they believe is far more effective.The program provides intervention and counseling for at-risk families with young children.Other potential strategies include the provision of vitamin A supplements to at-risk groups.Most large cities with a significant at-risk population now have such a centre.There were warning signals in between, and as a result he was placed on an at-risk register three weeks before he died.A recent Governing magazine article about at-risk youth illustrated the importance of a holistic approach.
at riskat riskRISKin a situation where you may be harmed We must stop these rumours; the firm’s reputation is at risk.at risk from Women are more at risk from the harmful effects of alcohol than men.at risk of Their children are also at high risk of developing the disease. That would mean putting other children at risk. risk
Examples from the Corpus
putting ... at riskMisuse through ignorance can result in your getting lost, flying into controlled airspace, and putting other aircraft at risk.The workers said the campaign was attracting bad publicity for their company and putting their livelihoods at risk.They are putting lives at risk, and the ones who pay are us, here at the mercy of the government.The coal's importers deny they're putting miners jobs at risk.Not only was she putting herself at risk but also her family, by carrying home all sorts of germs.I wouldn't hesitate to tell an overweight, unfit man that he was putting his health at risk.
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