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at (some/great etc) length

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat (some/great etc) lengthat (some/great etc) lengtha) LONG TIMEif you talk at length about something, you talk about it for a long timespeak/talk etc at length The young people spoke at length about their experiences. We’ve already discussed the subject at great length. b) literaryAFTER after a long time ‘I don’t agree, ’ she said at length. length
Examples from the Corpus
at (some/great etc) lengthThis argument is both diversionary and, at length, immobilizing.Moreover, they were journalists from a premier worldwide newsgathering organization, playing themselves and at great length in a feature-film fantasy.The distinctions between kinds of complex idea are considered at some length in the Essay.An example may, in consequence, be worth considering at some length.All the torments of the one class and the joys of the other are described at length.Their objections, based on religious grounds, are discussed at length in the opinion.The criteria employed for the weeding process are discussed at some length in Chapter 11.Standing in the farmyard, Giles Aplin also spoke to Seb at some length.
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