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at the last count

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat the last countat the last countNOWaccording to the latest information about a particular situation At the last count, I had 15 responses to my letter. count
Examples from the Corpus
at the last countThere are a lot of professional athletes living in the Orlando area -- more than 100 at last count.The total world population was put at 190 at the last count.They have been joined by a growing group of people denied entry, 198 at the last count.At the last count, only 18 Japanese firms were making car parts in America.More than 200, in fact, at the last count.I have, at the last count, 19 separate applications under consideration by 12 separate funding bodies.It has now become a challenge to find new varieties of herb - at the last count there were just over 130.My sister Mahaud, at the last count, had more admirers than there are Elks.Apart from Summerchild and a clerical assistant, the Unit at the last count still consisted of one single member, Serafin herself.Yet at the last count there were six oil-rich states bordering the Gulf.
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