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at the moment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat the momentat the momentBritish English especially spoken, American English formal now Julia’s on holiday in Spain at the moment. At the moment, the situation in Haiti is very tense. moment
Examples from the Corpus
at the momentAt the moment, the county is doing nothing with the property south of town.He missed Josh terribly, but knew there was no way of winning back his affections at the moment.We're really busy at the moment.She says that everyone dreams of winning a medal, but at the moment she is just hoping to get there.And the right price for Rod's Lamborghini at the moment is £40,000.It is said that birds began to pair at the moment of his death.Her primary problem at the moment is tendinitis in her left wrist.That means we put ourselves completely into the feeling in question; at the moment it occurs, that feeling is us.Republicans, at the moment, hold 41 seats while Democrats have 37.Asthings stand at the moment, 70 years have to elapse before they can be inspected.
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