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at (the) most

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat (the) mostat (the) mostLIMITused to say that you think an amount cannot be larger than the amount you are mentioning It’ll take 20 minutes at the most. There were at most 50 people in the audience. The boy looked nine at the very most (=he was probably younger). most
Examples from the Corpus
at (the) mostThere are, at most, 20 people at the game, all of them with a family interest.It's about ten minutes down the road, fifteen at the most.What's that? 15 to 20 yards at the most.Ten minutes, fifteen at the most, and the wind would be on them, tearing them from the saddle.She was given no emotional security at the most influential stage of her life - early puppyhood.We ate eggs at most meals.The Jesuits at Holy Trinity scoffed at most of the conservative critique.You find yourself flying coach, and staying at the most reasonable hotel in town.Spiders may be found at most times of the year except during the coldest weather.
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