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at the risk of doing something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat the risk of doing somethingat the risk of doing somethingRISKused when you think that what you are going to say or do may have a bad result, may offend or annoy people etc At the risk of sounding stupid, can I ask a question? Will they go ahead with their plans, even at the risk of offending the Americans? risk
Examples from the Corpus
at the risk of doing somethingA school has to be able to make rules about students' dress, even at the risk of upsetting parents.There were even imitation sheepskins, but worn at the risk of being considered a total nebbish.Which, at the risk of uttering sacrilege, may not be such a bad thing.At the risk of being boring, I have to say again how much I enjoyed myself.At the risk of sounding like your mother, you'd better dress up warm.This is a point which -- at the risk of being boring -- I must emphasize once again.Cantor figured he could afford caution, even at the risk of insulting the caller.How I loved being normal, even at the risk of becoming a Red Cross water-safety statistic.However, at the risk of underestimating such differences, certain current issues can be picked out.However, there is no point investing for the long term at the risk of being caned in the short term.Proceed with caution and, at the risk of sounding like a tabloid astrologer, look before you leap.
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