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at the (very) outside

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat the (very) outsideat the (very) outsideBIGused to say that a particular number or amount is the largest something could possibly be, and it might be less syn at the most It’s only a 20-minute walk, half an hour at the outside. outside
Examples from the Corpus
at the (very) outsideFrom a three-hour flight, at the outside, when he'd only flown from London to Helsinki on the last lap?George is tall, red-haired, freckled, with deep squint lines at the outside corners of his blue eyes.At the same time, more IBMers were encouraged to look at the outside via secondments or community links.Look at the outside and don't be fooled by appearances.Looking at the outside of this building.I settled myself at the outside table and sipped my coffee, trying to get my bearings.Picasso aimed his passion at the outside world.The second turning starts at the outside edge turning the whole field including the double row towards the hedgerow.
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