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at this rate

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat this rateat this ratespokenFUTURE used to say what will happen if things continue to happen in the same way as now At this rate we won’t ever be able to afford a holiday. rate
Examples from the Corpus
at this rateAt this rate, I'll lose $30 million by the end of the season.Poor Maud can only totter along at this rate.It was last to start and at this rate, will probably be last to finish.If he keeps blossoming at this rate, too, basketball coaches soon will be pitching tents in his yard.Indeed, at this rate the City's fears of Labour's policies could make the difference in getting Labour elected.Work out how many woodlice you will have in 10 years' time if they continue to multiply at this rate.Police claim that at this rate, the thief could clear out the entire flock of Trafalgar Square pigeons in seven months.To miss the odd target is acceptable, but not finds coming up at this rate and in such a confined area.I calculated miserably-nearly three thousand words at this rate, more than ten pages.
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