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at this time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat this timeat this timeAmerican English at this particular moment The president said his actions were ‘the right ones at this time’. time
Examples from the Corpus
at this timeHis frustration with not carrying the ball at this time of year is as routine as the end of daylight savings time.I have no reason to believe at this time that this was anything more than a terribly tragic accident.The rejection of the newly mobile toddler may be accentuated if another baby is born at this time.It was not uncommon for critics at this time to be engaged in character study and reconstructions of plot and chronology.It would be difficult at this time to explain all the new regulations.There were controversies about various forms of Church Government and many sects flourished at this time of religious toleration.No, not the World Series, but the asinine bets politicians make at this time of the year."Do you have any health insurance?'' "Not at this time.''What are you doing out at this time of night?I have no further questions at this time, your honor.His salary at this time was £1,000, and upon leaving the service he received a pension of £600 p.a.Remember that at this time the special eucharistic celebration of Christians took place during the course of a meal of fellowship.Gas prices always go up at this time of year.
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