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at times

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat timesat timesSOMETIMESsometimes Life is hard at times. time
Examples from the Corpus
at timesAt times even the most talented athletes lose their motivation.At times Jean deeply regretted not having children.Check that machines and materials will be available at times that suit them.He wrote beautiful, at times too beautiful prose.It is one of the devious ways in which we all can behave at times.Hart is an amiable and enthusiastic guide, if a little corny at times.Even Preston had to admit it was fun at times.It was very inadequate at times, especially in winter if you were on point duty.Everybody has to pull together and support each other at times like this.Granted this role at times seems like little more than an extension of his stint as a motivational speaker.In a job like this, you're bound to feel a little stressed at times.
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