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at (your) leisure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishat (your) leisureat (your) leisureSLOWif you do something at your leisure, you do it slowly and without hurrying Come round for lunch and then we can discuss it at leisure. Take the leaflets home and read them at your leisure. leisure
Examples from the Corpus
at (your) leisureThere would be months in which they could play it back at leisure.Treat yourself to something special, or simply browse at leisure.You may work, doctor, at your leisure, with your hundred thousand about you.The rest of the day is at leisure.Take a brochure home to read at your leisure.Of Athens' other allies, only Byzantion came out, and both cities were reduced at leisure.Every facet of the signal can be studied at leisure, including amplitude, frequency, phase and detailed time dependence.Sixty cars will be displayed, and potential buyers will be able to inspect them at leisure.Instead, she was utterly at leisure to give unstintingly to friends and foes, colleagues and passing tramps.
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