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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishatrociousa‧tro‧cious /əˈtrəʊʃəs $ əˈtroʊ-/ adjective  BADBAD ATextremely bad syn awful atrocious weather Her singing was atrocious.see thesaurus at badatrociously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
atrociousThe traffic was atrocious.At the hub of the crisis, hospital conditions in Samara and Saratov were atrocious.This is the B side of the new single and truly atrocious.The event was well attended with people queuing at 9.00 am despite the atrocious conditions.an atrocious crimeCall it atrocious, horrendous, mystifying.Ordinary people here have shown they care about the atrocious living conditions of our indigenous peoples.The back lanes in the North Road area have been atrocious, people were dumping their rubbish in them.The visibility was atrocious, perhaps forty yards, and I could see nothing.
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