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attach yourself to somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattach yourself to somebodyattach yourself to somebodyto join someone and spend a lot of time with them, often without being invited or welcome A young man from Canada had attached himself to Sam. attach
Examples from the Corpus
attach yourself to somebodyShe felt very much an ignorant outsider, but unobtrusively attached herself to charge.They attach themselves to her in the time-honoured order: strongest take the front teats, weakest the rear.Art History as a subject was not yet available at Cambridge: she would attach herself to the Courtauld Institute.Particular molecules will attach themselves to the enzyme surface so that atoms can be transferred rapidly.Joyce had become separated from her parent and attached herself to the Leighs.If she wishes to attach herself to the scare, I am delighted.The crew swam out from under the canoe and attached themselves to the upturned hull.Shockwave attaches itself to your browser.
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