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1 [uncountable and countable] a feeling that you like or love someone or something and that you would be unhappy without them
attachment to/for
a child's attachment to its mother
2 [countable]T a part that you can put onto a machine to make it do a particular job:
The vacuum cleaner has various attachments.
3 [uncountable] belief in and loyalty towards a particular idea, organization etc
attachment to/for
old people's attachment to traditional customs
4 [countable] a document or file that is sent with an email message:
I'll send the spreadsheet as an attachment.
5 [uncountable and countable] when you fasten or connect one thing to another, or the thing that you use to do this:
Hooks were fixed to the wall for the attachment of the ropes.
the attachments that secure your boots firmly to the skis

on attachment

working for a particular organization, especially for a short period of time:
He was sent on attachment to their offices in Hong Kong.
7 [uncountable and countable] law a situation in which part of the money someone earns or money that is owed to them is taken by a court of law and used to pay their debts
8 [countable] technical a piece of paper fastened to a document such as an insurance agreement, which shows a special condition of the agreement

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