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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattainmentat‧tain‧ment /əˈteɪnmənt/ ●○○ AWL noun formal  1 [uncountable]GET success in achieving something or reaching a particular level syn achievement a low level of educational attainment2 [countable]CAN something that you have succeeded in achieving or learning, such as a skill syn achievement a society remarkable for its cultural attainments
Examples from the Corpus
attainmentTheir educational attainment was also being affected because their rooms were too cold to study in.They were men and women of attainment and style.The South East is the leading region in terms of the educational qualifications of its work force and the level of school attainment.Thus, the whole question of the attainment of metanoia revolves around receiving and registering impressions in a new way.Moral reasoning similarly reaches full development with the attainment of formal operations.With the attainment of concrete operations, the ability to reason logically about and solve conservation problems emerges.
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