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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattendantat‧tend‧ant1 /əˈtendənt/ noun [countable]  1 LOOK AFTER somebodysomeone whose job is to look after or help customers in a public place a car park attendant2 LOOK AFTER somebodysomeone who looks after a very important person, for example a king or queen
Examples from the Corpus
attendantThe middle-aged sleeping-car attendant was dozing but dressed.My work as a flight attendant also proved valuable.Kim, 31, is a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines.He then gave them the choice of apologizing to the flight attendant or taking another flight.Londoner Richard Tompkins worked as a petrol pump attendant before starting the stamp company in 1956.Suddenly the pump attendant wanted nothing to do with this.a gas station attendantThe petrol station attendant told her to apply for more at the Kommandatur which turned out to be the old town hall.Disheartened, Santa Anna separated from his large escort and planned to slip through the mountainous country with three attendants.
attendantattendant2 adjective formal  relating to or caused by somethingattendant problems/difficulties/dangers etc nuclear power, with all its attendant risksattendant on Drugs are one of the issues attendant on running a school.
Examples from the Corpus
attendantLand reforms enacted without attendant and well-planned services and inputs are unlikely to be able to generate sustainable livelihoods.Originally, ancestor-worship and its attendant family structure were confined to the patrician class.Although considered in need of assessment or treatment, these women did not require compulsory admission, with the attendant limits on civil liberties.In Minoan Crete, Potnia is shown with attendant lions or griffins.aging and all its attendant medical problemsAnd it does have its attendant problems which it is only sensible to recognise.That under-standing and insight extend to all the attendant process issues, refinements, and subtleties.a prince and his attendant servantsattendant problems/difficulties/dangers etcThis would throw up a host of attendant problems.And it does have its attendant problems which it is only sensible to recognise.
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