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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattendeeat‧ten‧dee /əˌtenˈdiː, ˌæten-/ noun [countable]  someone who is at an event such as a meeting or a course
Examples from the Corpus
attendeeIn Pericles' day, the democratic Athenian Assembly actually voted to pay jury-duty fees to all attendees at those dramatic festivals.Few attendees doubted that some fringe groups would respond violently.Far in back of the huge auditorium, a camera scans the frantic attendees.We have had reports from a high percentage of attendees that their levels of self-esteem and confidence have increased considerably.Communication would be limited to the attendees and readers of the published proceedings, posters to attendees only.Of course, integrated programmes are less suitable for part-time attendees and those who want to do parts of a modular programme.All performances are free, with attendees encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets.
From Longman Business Dictionaryattendeeat‧ten‧dee /əˌtenˈdiː/ noun [countable] formal a person who is present at a meetingI didn’t see him on the list of attendees.
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