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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattentiveat‧ten‧tive /əˈtentɪv/ adjective  1 ATTENTIONlistening to or watching someone carefully because you are interested opp inattentive an attentive audience2 HELPmaking sure someone has everything they needattentive to Customers want companies that are attentive to their needs.attentively adverbattentiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
attentiveAtmosphere is easy going, service is attentive.It is an excellent place for families as the staff are friendly, relaxed and attentive.The waiters were attentive and friendly.As a husband, he fulfilled the model role of an attentive and loving spouse.He, too, looks attentive, as if awaiting an order.The egoist might now appeal to the difference between awareness and attentive attentiveness.an attentive fatherThe younger men were cynically attentive, petting their carefully trimmed beards inspired by Edison Banks.Frank was attentive to me, even courtly.The crew were extremely attentive to the passengers' safety.Hecke's new work has something of interest for both the casual and attentive viewer.attentive toTeachers are more attentive to good students.They've built a business that is attentive to its customers.
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