Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of attrahere, from ad- 'to' + trahere 'to pull'


Related topics: Physics
at‧tract S2 W2 [transitive]
1 to make someone interested in something, or make them want to take part in something
attract somebody to something
What attracted me most to the job was the chance to travel.
attract attention/interest etc
The story has attracted a lot of interest from the media.

be attracted to somebody

to feel that you like someone and want to have a sexual relationship with them:
I'm not usually attracted to blondes.
3 to make someone like or admire something or feel romantically interested in someone:
I guess it was his eyes that attracted me first.
4 to make someone or something move towards another thing:
Leftover food attracts flies.
low rents designed to attract new businesses to the area

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