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at‧trac‧tive S2 W2
1 someone who is attractive is good looking, especially in a way that makes you sexually interested in them:
an attractive young woman
Women seem to find him attractive.
see usage note beautiful
2 pleasant to look at:
Kitchen utensils should be attractive as well as functional.
3 having qualities that make you want to accept something or be involved in it
attractive to
a political movement that is attractive to young people
attractive offer/proposition/package etc
I must say, it's a very attractive offer.
attractively adverb
attractiveness noun [uncountable]

beautiful, pretty, handsome, good-looking, attractive, gorgeous, stunning
beautiful is used to describe someone, usually a woman or child, who is attractive in a very special and noticeable way.pretty is usually used to describe a girl or woman who is good-looking, with regular features. It can also be used to describe a boy or young man who has an attractive but feminine face.handsome is usually used to describe a man or boy who is good-looking, with strong regular features. It can also be used to describe a woman, usually an older woman, who has attractive but masculine features.good-looking can be used to describe anyone who you think is nice to look at. attractive is used to describe someone who looks good in a way that attracts sexual interest I can see he's handsome, but I don't find him very attractive.gorgeous and stunning are emphatic ways of saying that someone is very attractive. Gorgeous is used mostly in spoken English. See also beautiful

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