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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattributableat‧trib‧u‧ta‧ble /əˈtrɪbjətəbəl/ AWL adjective [not before noun]  CAUSElikely to have been caused by somethingattributable to Death was attributable to gunshot wounds.
Examples from the Corpus
attributableAs a result, attributable profits are trimmed to £1.33m.Much of this trend is attributable to a strong economy, but there are other forces at work.Much of that growth is attributable to increases in mortgage banking and recent acquisitions.Almost all the rise was attributable to the banlieues.But that claim assumes that every such accident is attributable to this cause.I could mention the names of several persons whose influence over their flocks was solely attributable to this circumstance.attributable toThe price increase is attributable to a rise in the cost of paper.
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