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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishATVATV /ˌeɪ tiː ˈviː/ noun [countable]  (all terrain vehicle) a vehicle which is designed to be ridden on rough ground where there are no roads. ATVs have one seat, no roof, and three or four large wheels.
Examples from the Corpus
ATVEarly on, it sold its 21 percent holding in ATV.In the midst of my collecting, a noisy ATV comes zooming across the beach, scattering the gulls.It costs from £3800 from Teagle Machinery Evidence shows more deaths may result from the improper use of ATVs.Of course, as the investors are well aware, 11,000-plus enquiries does not mean that ATV is already a commercial success.I ought to have been very grateful to ATV for sponsoring my work.
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