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audioau‧di‧o1 /ˈɔːdiəʊ $ ˈɒːdioʊ/ adjective [only before noun]  TCBrelating to sound that is recorded or broadcast audio and video equipment
Examples from the Corpus
audioJust last week, audio and video components were added to our Internet site.Another plus: the brief musical interludes, far superior to the usual canned tripe piped into audio books.There are two ways of making a RealAudio file: converting an existing file, and capturing from an audio device.Young, an audio fanatic, no doubt would approve of the Mobile Fidelity treatment.an audio signalThe developing audio technology to position a sound in three-dimensional space will become very useful.
audioaudio2 noun [uncountable]  the part of a recording that contains sounds and music but not pictures You can save the audio for editing later.
Examples from the Corpus
audioThe use of audio or numerics with text does not qualify as multimedia.
audio-audio- /ɔːdiəʊ $ ɒːdioʊ/ prefix [in nouns and adjectives] relating to hearing or sound an audio-cassette
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