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audioau‧di‧o1 /ˈɔːdiəʊ $ ˈɒːdioʊ/ adjective [only before noun] 🔊 🔊 TCBrelating to sound that is recorded or broadcast 🔊 audio and video equipment
Examples from the Corpus
audioJust last week, audio and video components were added to our Internet site.Another plus: the brief musical interludes, far superior to the usual canned tripe piped into audio books.There are two ways of making a RealAudio file: converting an existing file, and capturing from an audio device.Young, an audio fanatic, no doubt would approve of the Mobile Fidelity treatment.an audio signalThe developing audio technology to position a sound in three-dimensional space will become very useful.
audioaudio2 noun [uncountable] 🔊 🔊 the part of a recording that contains sounds and music but not pictures 🔊 You can save the audio for editing later.
Examples from the Corpus
audioThe use of audio or numerics with text does not qualify as multimedia.
audio-audio- /ɔːdiəʊ $ ɒːdioʊ/ prefix [in nouns and adjectives] 🔊 relating to hearing or sound 🔊 an audio-cassette
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