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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauditoryau‧di‧to‧ry /ˈɔːdətəri $ ˈɒːdətɔːri/ adjective [only before noun] technical  HEARrelating to the ability to hear
Examples from the Corpus
auditoryConversely a child who is weak in visual perceptions can be helped to use auditory and verbal skills to comprehend other children.Interestingly, this is also true of mammals from which the auditory cortex has been removed.Through headphones, each child gathers the auditory fruits of his or her individual efforts.In such a system, visual and auditory linguistic signifiers are in changing, unstable correspondence with the concepts they stand for.He was diagnosed as having a word retrieval difficulty as well as difficulty with auditory verbal processing.We then went on to describe the Johnston-McClelland model of visual word recognition and the Cohort model of auditory word recognition.
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