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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauntieaunt‧ie, aunty /ˈɑːnti $ ˈæn-/ noun [countable] informal  1 FAMILYFRIENDLYan aunt Auntie Lou2 used by children to address a woman who is a friend of their parents
Examples from the Corpus
auntieSome one tells me their grandmother, father, auntie died.My auntie and uncle were with us as well, and it was awful, no one stuck up for me.If marauding gulls appear, the aunties sound an alarm and the young cluster tightly around them.Chicks in creches need no more from their aunties than protection.
AuntieAunt‧ie /ˈɑːnti $ ˈæn-/  a name for the bbc, used humorously to suggest that it is not very exciting or that it treats people who receive its programmes as children to be educated and protected
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