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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaureoleau‧re‧ole /ˈɔːriəʊl $ -oʊl/ noun [countable]  RRCRELIGION literary a bright circle of light syn halo
Examples from the Corpus
aureoleLight streamed from him, and his hair became a golden aureole about his narrow skull.From her aureole of spun-gold hair to her perfectly lacquered toenails, Kylie is every inch a star.The fine red-gold of his hair was like an angel's aureole against the street lamp.Who really saw the aureoles, the incandescent halos, the miraculous moving pictures?Six mineral zones have been delineated in the thermal aureole formed by the post-tectonic Strath Ossian Igneous Complex.A shiver of magenta vibrates a yellow aureole of wall, dark teal scribbles a cloud of gray-blue floor.
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