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autocracyau‧toc‧ra‧cy /ɔːˈtɒkrəsi $ ɒːˈtɑː-/ noun (plural autocracies)  1 [uncountable]PG a system of government in which one person or group has unlimited power syn dictatorship2 [countable] a country or organization that is completely controlled by one powerful person or group syn dictatorship
Examples from the Corpus
autocracyThe best insurance against autocracy is to diffuse power as much as possible throughout society.However, many remained sceptical, remembering the Tsars pledge in 1895 in a speech to Zemstvo representative to maintain autocracy.Nevertheless, the fortress of autocracy had been breached and liberal pressure for further reform could be expected to gather momentum.These-spells of autocracy were once frequently longer and of indefinite duration, sometimes, indeed, extending over decades.And that would imply either anarchy or autocracy.The policies and attitudes of the autocracy virtually ruled out the emergence of a moderate, reformist labour movement.Nor did they see any future in piecemeal political reform of the autocracy.Without proper interrogation and criticism, government leans away from democracy towards autocracy.
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